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Introducing Clothworks for SketchUp

March 27, 2018

The incredibly talented extension developer Anton Synytsia, creator of MSPhysics, recently released his latest extension, Clothworks available now through SketchUcation.






In the words of the developer...


ClothWorks is a physics simulation extension for SketchUp, for draping cloth and wires over components of any shape and size and also for simulating curtains and flags.


Workflow functionalities include:

  • Simple Grid and Smart Grid for turning face or a set of faces within a component/group into a grid of faces, with a desired padding

  • Loop Subdivision and Laplacian Smoothing for increasing resolution and smoothening the resulting, simulated cloth (meanwhile preserving texture UVs)

  • Drape and Undrape for resetting and renewing cloth, rope, and pin orientations. This option is, particularly, useful for when changing cloth texture material

  • Record and Export for recording simulation and then exporting the final animation into a sequence of images, SKP files, OBJ files, and various other formats. A third-party software, such as MakeAVI, can be used to combine a sequence of exported frame images into a video file




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