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  • Sophie Shephard

Staying safe and productive with COVID-19

To our SketchUp Channel Community,

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by COVID-19. We’ve all had to make adjustments to keep our communities safe & our team is here for you while we navigate through this challenging time.

We understand that for many partners, SketchUp is their livelihood. So as activities shift online and companies shift to remote working, we'd like to propose some tactics that can be employed to help keep customers engaged and taking advantage of their time at home while we recover from the pandemic.

1. Promote free online training resources such as regional YouTube channels, SketchUp Campus and SketchUp for Schools (reminder: this curriculum is localized in 12 languages)!

2. Replace cancelled events with live streams/online training where attendees can interact, learn and have meaningful conversations, entirely online. Consider live Q&A formats with outside experts to keep these highly engaging, similar to an event.

3. Engage users in design competitions by picking a target audience and theme. Offer something creative, productive and fun to users while many are stuck at home.

4. Increase posting to blogs and social media as people spend more time online. Focus on relevant content marketing that your target audience finds useful.

(Hint #1: start participating in our campaigns if you haven’t already. Hint #2: design competitions give you free user-generated content to feature in posts from local audiences).

5. Focus on Trimble Connect as a project coordinator as many employees work from home. Remind customers that they can upload gigabytes upon gigabytes of project data seamlessly to Trimble Connect.

6. Launch a multi-episode webinar series to promote more advanced workflows. Each episode topic should build from the previous, ending with a completed project.

7. Email customers with ‘engage with SketchUp while you’re at home’ content rounding up resources and creativity hacks to help them boost their productivity as they WFH. Especially while they’re separated from their teams and working in a new (slightly less inspirational) environment.

8. Organize personalized demos online around topics that are valuable to your customers. Consider hosting free consultations for companies adapting to remote work and showcase how SketchUp’s ecosystem can support this way of working.

(Reminder: make sure you’re visiting the Customer Success Page for existing demo materials).

9. Share your experience with us on the partner forum as you navigate through this time. We are here to exchange ideas, help identify areas where companies can find opportunities and provide support wherever possible.

10. Most importantly, stay safe! We hope you’re staying healthy and taking care of yourself & your loved ones.


The SketchUp Team