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  • Sophie Shephard

SketchUp / Trimble Connect Workflow Training

Updated: Feb 4

Ray Bagley and Marcel Broekmaat from the Trimble Connect team recently talked with us to help us understand what the SketchUp / Connect workflow looks like in the hands of professionals. Understanding the information they provided helps us communicate the benefits of these tools and better express the value of them within SketchUp.

Some topics covered were: setting up projects, creating teams, assigning access permissions, file management, viewing models and sharing views that are non-editable and cannot be downloaded (in situations where that's important), as well as using Connect Sync to perform automated cloud backups and model versioning.

The corresponding agenda with links to slides and projects can be found HERE>

You can find the video (1hr 19min) HERE>

If you have additional questions about Trimble Connect, please head to the partner forum. We'll collect them and share the answers with everyone.