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  • Richard Marshall

Content Marketing: 2019 Campaigns

This year, Trimble stepped up to provide partners with content marketing assets (thanks Sophie!) for use across blogs, social media and email. Here is a roundup of those campaigns, if you didn't run with them, we invite you to take the content and make use of it in 2020.

Q2 2019 - LayOut Campaign

A series of assets used to promote the often under-estimated LayOut.

Q3 2019 - Around the World with SketchUp

Taking user-generated content from the far reaches of the world.

Q4 2019 - Subscription webinar campaign

Showcasing workflows for interior design that incorporate multiple products and tools in the SketchUp portfolio.

Q4 2019 - Classic license to subscription conversion

A migration path for existing classic license holders, providing a discount on new subscriptions.

If you have any questions about these campaigns, or suggestions for future campaigns, please get in touch with your distributor or channel manager.