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  • Aristodimos Komninos

Best Of CSN - Assets

Since we last met in Budapest for BizCamp we invited you to share your Customer Success Best Practices. Below we share some of the best examples of demo files and resources from across the Customer Success Network.

SketchUp 2020 Vray & Skatter Model

by John Cherian (Medialogic Dubai)

John sent us some great images and the actual models of our SketchUp 2020 release model with some extra love using Vray and Skatter.

Download the Assets

SketchUp Training Files with Watermarks

by Kārlis Bruņenieks (GeoNovus)

By leveraging a very simple SketchUp feature, Kārlis created a series of training demo files that help on-board and educate his customers. Go ahead and download the assets, explore the different scenes and play around with the Dynamic Component Interactive Tool in the Kitchen Visualisation.skp file.

Hint: Look for the cat and try to interact!

Download the assets

LayOut Custom Scrapbooks

by Jack de Moel (Design 8)

Jack shared with us several LayOut Scrapbook files that include symbols for electric plans, pictograms, color references, and even the SketchUp team scale figures!

Download the assets

How to Assign Subscriptions Entitlements

by Kyle Wilkins (Elmtec UK)

Check out this step-by-step guide inspired by Kyle's work, on how to assign SketchUp Subscription Entitlements to your users. This is a great resource that you can include in the welcome email when a new customer purchases SketchUp Pro or Studio!

Access the guide

LayOut Symbols & Templates

by Fredrik Emilsson (Cadelit)

Fredrik kindly shared with us a number of LayOut preset standard templates (A1, A2 etc sheets) as well as preset dimensions, texts, scale bars, revision clouds and more. Share with your key customers to speed up their workflow. English version is on the way!

Download the assets