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  • Aristodimos Komninos

Best Of CSN - Activities

We believe that exemplary work needs to be recognised and shared! Check out some of the most successful activities our Customer Success Network has to showcase and get inspired!

SketchUp 2020 video & Ecosystem mini-site

from FGA

What a fantastic way to showcase the SketchUp Ecosystem!

FGA created a dedicated mini-site with an animated wheel featuring all the different components of a SketchUp Pro Subscription!

They didn't stop there. To complement the new page, FGA also created a special video walking users through all the amazing features that you get with a SketchUp Pro Subscription!

SketchUp Webinar Series

by ProGrupa

ProGrupa took last year’s global webinar effort to the next level. Staying true to the binge-watching trend of our times, ProGrupa broke down the content in 5 "episodes" creating a SketchUp Webinar Series totalling over 11,000 views!!!

Take a look at how they captured leads before the webinar while featuring a great website pop up inviting you to register for the next episode of the series.

SketchUp Pro Webinar

by Iscar

Leveraging the SketchUp Pro Subscription Demo assets shared with through Demo Warehouse, Iscar made the most out of of last year's global SketchUp Pro Ecosystem Webinar campaign by recreating it in Spanish and reaching over 3,400 views!

¡Muy Bien!