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  • Richard Marshall

Customer Success Network Updates

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Aris and the team have been working extremely hard to bring together an elite group of partner Customer Success representatives; the Customer Success Network (CSN). To support your efforts, the team has developed a series of ready-to-go materials.

New Resources

Trimble Connect Business All CSN representatives can have access to a Trimble Connect Dealer demo annual subscription. This grants access to the SketchUp demo project on Trimble Connect for use during training and presentations.

Request access now!

You can now also create your own projects!

BIM Survey We wanted to follow up on one of the hottest Customer Success topics of the CS track; BIM! Please respond to this brief BIM survey before Friday December 20th, 2019 so we can better understand what you need.

Finally, please note that we have collected feedback and we will be working together to make the Customer Success Network a one-stop-shop for the best material to demo SketchUp and tell the Trimble Constructible story.