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  • Richard Marshall

Pricing update: Educator licensing

Effective June 25, 2019 the price of SketchUp Studio for Educators [SKP-EDUINS-YR] will increase from $0 to $55 (MSRP), the same price as a student license.

A relatively small investment on the part of the educator will further support EDU efforts in your territory and reduce your overheads in fulfilling zero-cost licenses. We understand that in certain regions, that are price sensitive, it is beneficial to continue to provide selected educators with free licenses, therefore the option to fulfill SketchUp Pro Classic Educator licenses [LICED19INS] for $0 will be available for the foreseeable future.

Please ensure that you advertise EDU licensing and pricing in your region. Current and future price lists can be found on the here.

To summarise, from June 25, 2019:

  • SketchUp Studio for Educators [SKP-EDUINS-YR] will cost $55 (MSRP)

  • SketchUp Pro Classic for Educators [LICED19INS] costing $0 will still be available to be distributed at your discretion

If you have any questions, please contact your channel manager.



Why have both free and paid licenses for educators?

We’d like to give you the freedom to provide the most appropriate license to an educator. Please promote the paid license option, for some regions this represents a great revenue opportunity. However, we know that in many cases it’s important to get the product into the hands of the educator for free so that they may train the next generation of users. All partners will be required to fulfil both license types upon request.

Why are you charging educators?

We recognise that there is a cost to partners for fulfilling licenses, we’d like to ensure those costs are covered. This means you may proactively work with educators with an immediate and long-term return. The number of educators requesting licenses will likely reduce, however, those that pay are the ones that are more engaged and focused.

Am I required to advertise the free license?

No, you are not required to externally advertise the free license.

Am I required to advertise the paid license?

Yes, all partners are required to present EDU pricing and licensing options to their market.

Can I give an educator license to anyone?

No, as before, partners are required to verify that educator licenses are provided only to those who meet the criteria: currently teaching staff member of a recognised educational institute who is not using SketchUp for commercial purposes.