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  • Richard Marshall

Profile Builder 3: Landing July 16

In support of the folk at mind.sight.studios, we're counting down the top 10 new features of Profile Builder 3, due for release on July 16, 2018.

#10: Split and Extend Complex Profile Members

#9: Build Along Multiple Paths

Just select edges and build! PB3 will figure out all of the pathways for the extrusions.

#8: Build Discontinuous

Now you can choose between continuous, miter-joint, and butt-joint when building Profile Members! Works with any type of profile, even polyline sheet metal profiles.

#7: Live Profile Edit

Click into a Profile Member, then click the 'edit profile' button to modify the Profile! Great for adding detail or simplifying existing Profile Members in your model! Oh yeah...end trims will also be maintained after editing!

#6 - Smarter Profiles and Paths

In PB3, arcs, circles, and curves are maintained for profiles and extrusion paths!

#5: Path Mode

PMPI was cool in PB2 but this feature takes it to a whole new level!

#4 - Edit Height of an Assembly

One assembly...infinite height variations! No cheating...

#3 Spans

I cannot even begin to tell you how powerful spans are! Just watch the video and you'll get just a tiny glimpse into what you can do with spans.

#2 - Hole Tool

Holes in PB3 are parametric! If you cut a hole through a Profile Member, it will be maintained even if you edit using any of the PB tools. You can even delete a hole with one click!

The hole tool uses some cool inferencing techniques so that you can cut holes quickly and accurately without creating a bunch of temporary construction lines. It's pretty fun too!

#1 - Auto Assemble

No matter what your SketchUp or PB skill level is, with the new auto-assemble feature, you will be creating amazing assemblies in seconds!

Pricing (USD) subject to change:

Profile Builder 3 License: $79

Quantifier Pro License: $79

Bundle (PB3 and QP): $119

PB3 Upgrade from PB2: $49 (with coupon)

Bundle Upgrade from PB2: $89 (with coupon)