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  • Richard Marshall

Introducing TrueBend from ThomThom

There are few 'bend' extensions out there for SketchUp but ThomThom's latest release, TrueBend comes straight in to claim the top spot for ease of use and functionality. The best part...? It's completely free.

TrueBend can be used to bend objects by a specified angle, while preserving the original length of the front edge. It is pretty simple to use; actions can be performed by dragging a marker or by typing values in the VCB. Users can either specify the angle of the bend or the distance between the start and end position of the bent object's end-points.

Of particular note, TrueBend can perform bends on objects by as much as 360 degrees, 180 degrees more than most alternatives and it is also possible to specify the number of segments within the bend.

Kudos to ThomThom for another hit extension.