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  • Richard Marshall

Content Marketing: SketchUp Skill Builders

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an approach that focuses on distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain your audience… ultimately, to drive profitable action and gain a loyal customer base. At SketchUp, this is where we put most of our effort. But there’s a problem... most of what we produce is in English and not regionally targeted. That’s where you, as a SketchUp partner come in, we need you to represent us in your region and build the loyal and engaged customer base.

Content marketing is good for your bottom line, specifically, there are three key benefits for you employing this strategy:

  • Increased sales

  • Cost savings

  • Better customers who have more loyalty

There’s the difference between content marketing and companies trying to sell you “stuff.” Companies send us information all the time – it’s just that most of the time it’s not very relevant or valuable. You have the power to make your customers look forward to receiving your marketing and done right, people will be spending more time engaged with your content and share it with their peers.

Skill Builder videos

Just one of our content marketing approaches is to develop Skill Builder videos, these are short (2-10 minute) informative videos that teach a user how to carry out certain tasks - a form of basic, free training to increase the speed and ability of a designer. Skill Builders are posted to YouTube, Social Media, and the SketchUp Blog.

The best bit? Producing your own videos does not require a budget or any specialised training. Learn more about creating screencast videos in this great article.

Short of ideas on content?

Here are some ideas for short tips and tricks videos that are on our list to tick off:

  • Using Right/Left/Top/Bottom arrow keys for inferencing

  • Creating custom shortcuts (eg x-ray mode, hidden geometry, parallel projection)

  • Skill Builder: Hide Rest of Model

  • Creating an array (copies and rotations)

  • Use of Zoom extents / scenes to navigate a model when you’re ‘lost’

  • Create custom colors for guides / bounding boxes

  • Where to use the eye dropper tool

  • Tape measure tool as scale tool: e.g. to resize furniture

  • Export PNG image from hybrid rendered model (LayOut)

  • Switching units [Window --> model info]

  • Skill Builder: Using the ‘value control box’ (bottom right of the interface)

  • Downsave skps from 2018 to 2017

  • Guides: View guides & turn off / delete guides

  • Fast styles / what is a fast style

  • Back edge selection

  • Circles: entity info --> change number of sides

  • Punch hole in a face

  • Position camera tool

  • Face styles

  • 'Right to left' vs 'left to right' selection bounding box

  • Set default color for reversed face / Reverse faces use cases

  • X-ray mode

  • Material transparency on /off

  • Templates / change template

  • Control background color

  • Turn off axes

  • Scenes: create new scene / add new scene shortcut / enabling transitions

  • Skill Builder: soften / smooth edges

  • Flip along tool

  • Correct use of the follow me tool

  • Texture projection / resize

  • Working with .skm files

  • Working with shadows