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  • Richard Marshall

Thea Render for SketchUp v2.0

Be sure to check out Thea Render for SketchUp 2.0 released this week.

One of the main differentiators vs some renderers is a relatively simple light editor. High-level new features in the words of developer, Tomasz Marek:

"The major addition in the plugin is an integrated material editor which lets you understand in a blink of an eye even very advanced Thea materials. Access to our online materials repository directly from Thea Browser is also a valuable feature. Most of the user interface has been redesigned and allow a customization of a layout.

In terms of rendering engines, the major effort was concentrated on Presto, which is fully spectral now and evaluates complex scenes with multiple light sources more efficiently.

We have also introduced our own and Nvidia Optix denoiser. They can help you get the desired rendering output much faster."

For full details of the release, check refer to the product page.