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  • Richard Marshall

Product Release: SketchUp Shop

Trimble, this week, launched its first termed entitlement to a bundle of SketchUp products and services, called SketchUp Shop. The subscription includes web products only, it doesn’t grant access to use of the SketchUp Pro client application. SketchUp Shop is not targeted at professional users and will be marketed primarily by in-product upsells within SketchUp Free. It will be available only through It will not be available to buy through partners. The SketchUp Shop subscription is not targeted at professional users. SketchUp Pro is still the tool we are positioning for professional end users and commercial organisations. The features of SketchUp Shop have been designed to mitigate cannibalisation of SketchUp Pro sales: speed, flexibility, and features are far from that of Pro.

This subscription is a low-cost, product with a reduced feature set targeted at converting those customers who have a hobbyist use case and a lower willingness to pay. The subscription features a browser-based modeller that includes access to Trimble Connect ‘Business’ and SketchUp Viewer for Mobile. If you have any questions, contact your distributor or channel manager.

SketchUp Shop FAQ

How much will it cost? SketchUp Shop will cost $119/year. The entitlement is only available as an annual subscription.

What are the limitations of SketchUp Shop? How is different than SketchUp Free/Pro? The product differentiation is designed to discourage adoption and use of SketchUp Free and SketchUp Shop by those with a professional use case. The most significant drivers of this differentiation are our desktop modeller, extensibility, and LayOut.

This subscription is not targeted at users who…

  • … have primarily a professional use case, even those who we would describe as persistent freeloaders. We have (and will continue) to design features and differentiation that supports converting these users to our Pro offerings..

  • … have a higher ed use case. We are still marketing SketchUp Pro Student Licenses to higher ed students.

Can distribution partners sell SketchUp Shop? SketchUp Shop is available only through It is not available through partners at this time. We are actively developing systems to support the distribution of future subscription products through our distribution channel.

Why is SketchUp Shop not available through partners? Trimble needs to understand the impact of subscriptions on support demand and operational infrastructure and how attractive this new market is before encouraging partners to add unproven products to their portfolios. Our intent is to isolate our business risk from that of our partners.

Is SketchUp Shop available everywhere? Yes, the subscription is available in all regions (except China) in 12 languages. Our store will initially only support English with additional languages supported this summer.

How will SketchUp Shop be marketed? Primarily, the product will be marketed by passive in-product upsells within SketchUp Free. That means most people who discover this subscription will already have identified as non-professional users. Professional users will continue to be onboarded primarily through the SketchUp Pro trial.

Can the product be used for commercial purposes? Yes, SketchUp Shop can be used for commercial activity, though it’s functionality is highly limited compared to SketchUp Pro.

Who is SketchUp Shop for? Enthusiast and hobbyist users who use SketchUp for personal projects such as home improvement, woodworking, and 3D printing. These people do not have a willingness to pay the higher costs of professional-grade CAD software.

With this segmentation in mind, SketchUp Shop is for people who…

  • … use SketchUp for home or personal improvement. These people are DIY’ers who default to their own problem-solving and will to fix things around the house or hack life problems.

  • … use SketchUp for woodworking. These highly-involved users also purchase expensive hardware and toolsets for their projects, and often invest in their training and skills. Many will consider a SketchUp Pro upgrade later in their user journey.

  • … use SketchUp for 3D printing, CNC, robotics, and other ‘hackable’ projects. They may or may not describe themselves as makers, so we don’t often use this terminology in external-facing segmentation. Makers also have an upsell path to SketchUp Pro, as they mature in their user journey.

  • … use SketchUp for fun. These people use SketchUp out of sheer enthusiasm for drawing and creativity. Their use may parallel a professional use case, or evolve towards a professional use case (and upsell) in the future.

Why is Trimble launching SketchUp Shop? We believe there is a ‘low-end’ to the CAD market which SketchUp Shop is especially well-positioned to serve. By appropriately differentiating our products through subscription offerings, we intend to segment the demand curve for SketchUp. Currently, there is only one entry price for SketchUp: the SketchUp Shop subscription opens up another avenue for customers to upgrade from SketchUp Free.