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  • Richard Marshall

Looking for some social inspiration?

Finding the right content for social media marketing can be difficult...

At SketchUp, we rely heavily on content marketing: the creation and sharing of online material that does not explicitly promote a brand but intends to stimulate interest. We like to think of it as giving something interesting or educational away in exchange for a small piece of brand equity.

Tutorials Up has taken this concept and run with it, even though their aim is not to sell SketchUp. The YouTube channel has over 1,200,000 views and the Facebook page has over 140,000 followers. The premise is simple; provide very short informational videos about how to use a tool, a new extension or how to solve a problem in SketchUp. You can see by the engagement on these posts (shares, views, likes, and comments) that this type of content is incredibly popular and viral.

The Facebook content has been made specifically for Facebook, it has a square aspect ratio and is often very short in length, generally 15-60 seconds - this is ideal for engagement on mobile. YouTube content is 1080p widescreen format, it tends to be longer, generally 3-10 minutes. Videos are branded and watermarked, making them more difficult to be used by others. Tailoring content to the platform provides the best experience for the viewer for optimum engagement. See some examples below.

We actively encourage the creation of this type of content across the partner network.