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  • Richard Marshall

SketchUp Make: Is this goodbye?

What’s happening to SketchUp Make?

SketchUp Make isn’t the future of free 3D modeling. We haven’t updated SketchUp Make for 2018 and we won’t be updating it in the future (existing users can continue working in the current build).

So what is the future of free 3D modeling?

SketchUp Free In 2018, we are launching free software that anybody can use to learn and master 3D drawing. It's called SketchUp Free and you can launch it in a web browser.

Evolved from a year of beta testing, SketchUp Free has improved in speed, stability, and functionality. We feel a deep responsibility to empower people everywhere to transform ideas into reality, so we’ve created a free version of SketchUp that…

is easier to learn and simpler to use than ever. You don’t need hundreds of buttons and dropdowns for 3D drawing

is more accessible to everybody, everywhere. Even Chromebooks and Linux users can run SketchUp Free on any WebGL enabled browser

is versionless. That means you are always using the newest version.

is powered by Trimble Connect, so your projects are stored on the web by default, always backed up (no more autosave!). When you use Trimble Connect to host SketchUp files, your work stays up-to-date on our desktop, web, mobile, and XR software

SketchUp Make will still available for download on our website, but it will be 'harder to find'. We hope that a shift to web browser means more people can access, learn, and master 3D drawing.

SketchUp Free’s Terms of Service do not allow for commercial use. Of course we’ll continue to invest heavily in the development of our desktop software, SketchUp Pro and push this forward as the only solution for professionals.