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  • Richard Marshall

BizCamp Awards 2017

Thanks to the just under 70 partners who attended BizCamp 2017 in Prague, it was a blast! For the first time, to reward some great achievements over the past year, we introduced the BizCamp Awards. Not only are the awards great accolades for the winning partners but the trophies themselves are pretty darn sweet too, have a little orbit below...

BizCamp grows in strength year after year and it really is the partners that make the event - it doesn't feel like work when you're having a great time, with awesome people. Thanks also to those presenting, we hope that the information shared helps our partners to continue growing their businesses.

Here is a full list of the winning partners for 2017...

Best achievement of a new distributor

Winner: Elmtec France

Highest growth in win-back of old customers

Winner: ProGrupa

Highest growth in new seat sales


Highest renewal rate

Winner: Design8

Highest growth in EDU Revenue

Winner: BuildingPoint Australia

Best adoption of university users

Winner: Creation Engine

Outstanding digital marketing

Winner: Iscar

Outstanding 3D Basecamp

Winner: ProGrupa

Outstanding training program

Winner: Tecnobit

Dealer of the year 2017

Winner: BuildingPoint Korea