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  • Richard Marshall


3D Warehouse introduces an evolution to Tags. We’re bringing the way you organize your models into the current #hashtag era by adding simplicity, efficiency, and a definite cool factor, if we may say so ourselves.

As we announced on the 3D Warehouse forums a few weeks back, we’ve taken all the existing models and collections and converted the custom tags field into a #hashtag cloud that is now included in the description text of your models and collections.

Going forward, you now have the ability to add or edit #hashtags anywhere in the description text of your model. Hashtags will behave much like the old tags did; they’re clickable, and clicking them kicks off a search for the word or phrase. You’ll also notice that as soon as you type the ‘#’ character and start typing, we provide autocomplete suggestions which will hopefully help folks from making pesky misspelling errors, etc. We think this will make your searches more efficient, and your models more easily found.

Happy #hashtagging!