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  • Richard Marshall

3D Basecamp, the hottest ticket in town(s)

The hosting of a local 3D Basecamp is growing in popularity across Trimble's partner network, which is fantastic news for SketchUp users globally!

So what’s been happening? 3D Basecamp Japan was held across two days in Tokyo and Osaka in December of last year by our partners Alphacox. We had a few of the Trimble team in attendance, holding sessions and no doubt enjoying a sake or two. Thanks to the Alphacox team for their hard work. A hugely successful 3D Basecamp Poland has just wrapped up in Zakopane, Poland. This was a substantial undertaking, over 250 attendees were spoilt for choice with the 24 sessions over 2 days. Thanks to Karol, Lukasz, and the rest of the ProGrupa team for their hard work. See images here.

SketchUp Basekemp is an event held each September by 3E Praha, Trimble partners in the Czech Republic. This is a little smaller than your average 3D Basecamp but offers the opportunity for local users to bring their families, who come back year after year. Thanks for your efforts 3E Praha team.

3D Basecamp Seoul is the first SketchUp event to be held in Korea, it’s happening this June. With over 500 attendees already registered for the one-day event, capacity has been increased to 700. 13 speakers will cover 3 tracks across a range of industries and levels of SketchUp expertise. Good luck to Angie and all the team at BuildingPoint Korea. Hosting a 3D Basecamp is a great way to engage with the end-user community, build your brand and grow partnerships with sponsors, and vendors. They’re also a great place to learn. At 3D Basecamp 2016, in Steamboat Springs, we introduced 3D Bootcamp, two days of SketchUp back-to-basics training for absolute beginners; this was a great success and opened the doors to new markets. 3D Basecamps are the biggest events in the SketchUp calendar, not just because they’re valuable to the business; they’re also a great opportunity to have fun whilst actually working.

We are currently working on our very own SketchUp 3D Basecamp over in the US, we will announce this in due course!