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  • Richard Marshall

SketchUp Co-marketing Guidelines

A key factor to the success of any SketchUp related business is marketing and the correct leverage of the globally recognised brand.

The SketchUp ecosystem is founded upon personal interactions, including yours. That is why you, as a Trimble partner, play a key role in giving substance and credibility to SketchUp. As our partnership evolves, the importance of correctly using our trademarks remains the same: maintaining a strong brand creates added value both for you and for us.

To make this easier, we have developed the SketchUp Co-marketing Guidelines for distributors, resellers and development partners. It provides direction on how to better utilize the brand and our assets.

A core and highly relevant theme to note is that we want partners to represent themselves, promoting their relationship to SketchUp and not misrepresenting themselves as SketchUp. This latter causes confusion and a loss of confidence with customers. By correctly using the brand, a customer knows to trust you as an authorized partner, providing the optimal experience to nurture growth.

Where can I find the new assets?

If you have any questions, please contact a regional marketing representative or SketchUp channel manager.