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  • Richard Marshall

Changes to geodata in SketchUp

After the acquisition of SketchUp in 2012, Google agreed to provide Trimble with a geodata service for five additional years. As this grace period is coming to an end, we will be changing to another geodata provider from May 22 2017. This affects features in SketchUp such as Add Location; currently powered by Google data.

We understand that modeling with geographic data has been an important feature for so many users. We are therefore, taking steps to provide access to geographic data in SketchUp Make 2017 (in the form of Map information) and SketchUp Pro 2017 (in the form of satellite imagery and terrain data). This means users of these versions of SketchUp can continue utilizing the Add Location feature.

The Photo Textures feature will no longer be accessible in any version of SketchUp from May 22 2017. There is no similar data service available for SketchUp at this time.

For further details of this transition, please refer to the Help Center article.