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  • Richard Marshall

Changes to SketchUp's 'old license' policy (Extended to June 25 2017)

We recently made changes to our Maintenance and Support policy, for customers whose contracts are more than 12 months expired; effective from January 25 2017.

We are further amending our longstanding policy for older licenses. From June 25 2017, we will no longer be allowing all perpetual license-holders to update their license to the current version of SketchUp Pro by paying a upgrade/renewal fee, plus a reinstatement fee.

Our new policy is that licenses of SketchUp 8 and prior will not be renewable. Instead, customers holding these old licenses will have to purchase a new perpetual license in order to upgrade. Furthermore, when a M&S plan is more than three years past its expiration date, a customer must purchase a new perpetual license in order to access the most recent version of SketchUp Pro.

The below table outlines the updated policy and associated cost for each type of customer.

We are making this change in order to provide a more concrete incentive for customers to stay current with their SketchUp Pro license (even though they are not required to do so).

Communicating changes to the Old License Policy (June 25 2017) Trimble proposes that our partners use the below messaging to reach customers with notice of the old license policy change. We understand that there are different behaviours in some regions therefore you may wish to amend or create your own campaign content. Please note that any messaging should be communicated only to affected customers, this means that non-targeted social media shouldn’t be used for the marketing of this type of policy change (there is no benefit in reaching the new prospects with this information). We recommend direct emails and one-to-one communication, such as phone calls, where feasible.

Communication 1 - Email distribution A one-to-many email, targeted only at those users affected by the policy change. Please see suggested campaign copy. This email can be distributed as soon as you are ready. Many of you will already have lists of affected customers from Trimble, as well as your own databases. We understand that for some new partners, you simply may not have the user data available.

Communication 2 - Welcome Window Notification, in-client Trimble will provide a targeted welcome window notification to the affected customers, pointing customers to the License Wizard. The approximate go-live date for this content is February 14 2017.

Communication 3 - Personal follow up We recommend that this be an email sent from a sales person’s own account in non-HTML format. This portrays a one-to-one communication between reseller and the end-user. For high value opportunities, such as customers with multiple single-user licenses or a network license, we suggest direct communication with the customer. This could be a phone call, video call or in-person meeting.

Communication 4 - Last chance email A reminder that the date for the cutover is approaching. This could be distributed between 7-14 days before the cut-off date, with a clear call to action ie. an “Upgrade Now” button.

If you have any questions, please speak to your SketchUp Channel Manager.

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