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  • Richard Marshall

Pro 2017 has landed!

Thanks for all your support in the recent weeks and playing your part in the launch.

Check out the What's new page on the SketchUp website, blog post and launch video.

We'd be very happy to take on board any feedback regarding the process for future releases.

It does seem there was slight confusion surrounding timings. The reason for a staggered release cycle is to ensure the systems are tested in a live environment and free of snags.

Secondly, marketing announcements have been spread out over 8 days to prevent an overloading of servers. Partners were permitted to announce the release within 1.5hrs of the official SketchUp announcement via social media. And partner have been permitted to announce the launch 16hrs ahead of the first SketchUp email campaigns being sent out.

Please note that the release timing referred to external marketing communications only, partners were still permitted to respond to active sales enquiries. This will be made more clear in future.

It's great to see some of your campaigns in action, websites and social media posts! If however, you haven't announced, get on it!