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  • Richard Marshall

Changes to the M&S reinstatement fee

We’re evolving Maintenance and Support (M&S) reinstatement fees. When a customer’s M&S runs out they are given a 30-day grace period to renew, if a customer goes beyond the grace period a reinstatement fee is added to the renewal.

On 25 January 2017, the following reinstatement fees will come into effect (FX conversions to follow):

  • Network License: $100

  • Single-user License: $60

On 25 January 2017 and beyond, customers renewing M&S contracts that have been expired for over 1 year, will be required to pay a reinstatement fee of:

  • Network License: $200

  • Single-user License: $120

Communicating the Reinstatement Fee changes

Beginning with the SketchUp 2017 launch, we will begin communicating these changes to affected customers via email (and in partnership with resellers). These pricing adjustments must not be announced to your customers prior to 7 November 2016.

If you have any questions on this, please speak to your SketchUp Channel Manager.

Check out the Benefits of a Maintenance and Support document.